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A simple and inexpensive way to mark the boundaries of your property is to install a chain-link fence. It is suitable for a summer cottage, separating the housekeeping area from the living one, or making an enclosure for pets or cattle. Home Addition Builder (in MA) can help improve the safety of your property.

Our installers offer quality turnkey services. Contact your nearest office. We operate throughout Massachusetts: Middlesex, Plymouth, Bristol, Barnstable, Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex. Our home remodeling (near me) agency has the best ranking and the highest performance rates in the state for over a decade.

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The chain-link fence is popular for its strength and durability. Such an enclosing type does not require special maintenance. Our installer team can build fencing while adding a home addition to your property. Starting to work with us, you get the most profitable cooperation.

We use only high-quality materials for the chain-link fence from trusted manufacturers. And in our team, there are only experienced fence installers. We give a guarantee for all types of work.


Designing & Planning

When choosing which type to use for fencing, you need to take into account its main parameters. For different purposes, you need a special type. Our experts, patio builders, help you choose the right option. Chain link fences vary in materials like low-carbon steel (more vinyl) and stainless steel.

Our experts will design and plan fences, so they match the whole landscape of the garden. Depending on your needs, we could offer different external coating:

  • non-galvanized chain-link – it may suit pets’ kennels;
  • galvanized chain-link – use it for securing perimeters or construction sites;
  • polymer-coated – choose it for playgrounds, back yards.

Few of the living creatures could crawl through small cells of the fence. It is crucial when adding a garage to a ranch-style house or a poultry house for chickens or ducklings. The best option is a grid with a cell of 50×50.

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Chain Link Fencing Installation

Many homes and industrial building owners choose link fencing for their unique properties. A large assortment allows you to choose the one that is best suited for a specific need. Besides, evaluate its other advantages like:

  • saving financial resources: the price of a chain-link fence is practically the lowest of all possible fence options;
  • lightweight: there is no need for a massive frame or foundation pouring;
  • strength and resistance to moisture, temperature extremes, ultraviolet light, fire, mechanical damage;
  • light transmission: the chain-link mesh fence does not impede the penetration of sunlight. The plants feel comfortable in every garden corner.

High speed of installation is another reason to choose this type of fence. The process takes not more than several hours. Our contractors for home additions (near me) make a marking of the territory. The foreman calculates how many meters of the chain-link mesh will be required. Thus, you receive a complete estimate of the work.

We have no overpayments or hidden charges. All expenses are discussed with customers. The average prices range from $1,150 up to $3,050 per typical yard at the rate of $5.68-15.94 per linear foot. The cost depends on the length, the height of fencing construction, and materials.


Other Services to Take into Account

Our company Home Addition Builder is a provider of a wide range of services for the repair, rebuilding, and rebuilding of an add-on for residential buildings and industrial buildings. Our builders are completing the second and third floors, basement remodels, kitchens, patios, garages. Find out about prices and special offers from our managers. Place a request for a free estimate or call us to ask any questions.

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