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Protecting the home, family, and property is one of the main concerns of homeowners. Reliable privacy enclosing systems give you confidence in the safety of loved ones and additions to your home. People are sure that fences are an effective and reliable means of protecting children, pets, and their territory.

If you belong to a group of people who value high-level protection when it comes to your property, the private hedging system is an ideal solution for home and office. Home Addition Builder is a trusted fencing provider in MA with huge experience in installing privacy fences.

Our home remodeling (near me) specializes in providing people with the secure living conditions, support, and aesthetic appeal of an enclosing structure of any type.


Our Services

Our main task is to make a hedge that meets all your wishes. If you do not yet have a clear idea of what it should be – our contractors could find the best option, taking into account all your needs.

When people decide to install a privacy fence around their house and additions to the back of the house, first of all, they think about its design that blends with the landscape, and an acceptable price. Our builders know how to get the most out of the budget. The average cost per linear foot is about $15 – $34 depending on used materials:

  • Wood,
  • Aluminum,
  • Vinyl,
  • Chain link,
  • Iron.

Privacy Fence Designing

We make sure that each client receives not only a functional hedge but a beautiful shape and design. Our addition contractors (near me) work with trusted manufacturers and offer a wide variety of materials and styles. Finding the right option can be challenging. We know all the pros and cons.

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Installation of Privacy Fence

We are a full-service fencing company in MA. We specialize in the installation of safe structures in a variety of materials and styles. It can be handcrafted wood one, ready-made from aluminum or vinyl. We try to cope with the task in a few days.

Colonial Wood Fence

This variant is a classical one. It gives homeowners security and a lovely homey look from the patio deck. But it needs maintenance: painting and mending from time to time. It can be damaged by insects, sun, moisture, and time.

Metal Fence

Such a reliable option is suitable for industrial or utility buildings like garage addition. For sheds in gazebos or fences for animals, we suggest installing a chain link mesh. Quality aluminum requires minimal maintenance.

Stone Fence

For large country houses with a large backyard area, many clients choose a stone fence. It reliably protects the host from prying eyes. This option will last for decades and requires little or no maintenance.


Vinyl Types

If you don’t have time or no wish to spend time on fence maintenance, we recommend installing vinyl or PVC privacy fences. These hedges are suitable even for additions on raised ranches. So they will serve for decades: no cracking, splitting, insects, or rot.

Cellular Vinyl Fence

For those clients who want a fence with a mixture of the best features of wood and vinyl, we have a great offer – cellar vinyl ones. They have all the benefits of natural materials but are not susceptible to external factors like weather and insects.

Other Services to Take into Account

Our team of responsible builders is ready to answer all questions, give honest feedback on all aspects of the construction of both fences and other home additions. Our home addition contractors from Home Addition Builder operate in Norfolk, Essex, Middlesex, Plymouth, Bristol, Barnstable, Suffolk, and other Massachusetts locations.

Just find the nearest office to your place. With us, you receive a privacy fence that will 100% meet your requests, deadlines, and budget. Call us at any convenient time or leave a request on the website.

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