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The New England climate is famous for its variability and severity. To keep your home warm and comfortable, you need quality floors. They must be not only modern and stylish but also durable to withstand seasonal fluctuations. Our team at Home Addition Builder helps you find the best options for flooring (near me).

Our Services

Our builders draw up a project according to your wishes and needs. They provide personalized advice on how to find the perfect floor for every room in your home. You can contact us for the elimination of the last winter storms, improvement of old coatings, complete stylistic renewal, or updates after previous owners.

Planning & Designing

Our builders work in all areas of the state. We offer quality services with a guarantee. At reasonable prices, you get a full range of services: measurements, project preparation, selection of materials, and installation of flooring. Designers always take into account the wishes of clients but at the same time bring the desired result even with a limited budget.

The average hardwood flooring cost across the state is around $30 an hour, with the material itself varying around $20-40 per square foot. The price does not include finishing elements, stucco molding, and screed, removal of the previous floor covering.


Variety of Flooring

We offer a wide range of quality and modern flooring solutions. You can choose from us:

  • ceramic tiles,
  • carpets,
  • parquet and bamboo floor,
  • vinyl flooring,
  • PVC flooring,
  • natural stone and marble,
  • slate,
  • Terrazzo,
  • Concrete and rubber floor,
  • laminate,
  • engineered floor,
  • linoleum, and much more.

If you love a classic and elegant interior, our designers recommend vinyl flooring. It is resistant to deformation and external influences. Likewise, many homeowners prefer tiles. It is a stylish and durable material. Usually, tiles are installed in the kitchen, in the hallway, or are used for bathroom flooring. It is also suitable for basements and attics if a utility room is arranged there.

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Choosing the Right Flooring

Our specialists always make sure that customers receive quality services and materials, even with a limited budget. It is vital not to waste money on poor quality and remodel. Therefore, when creating a project, they take into account:

  • Traffic area. It is crucial to consider whether children, pets play in the room, and how many people walk through the floor. Or whether there are relatives with asthma: should not be exposed to VOC (volatile organic compounds) floors.
  • The style of the room. Carpet flooring can make the interior softer (more tender and cozier), and wood or marble can add austerity and luxury. For a warm and cozy environment, wood or laminate floors are suitable.
  • Depending on the permeability of the room, you need to choose a floor covering with the right load.
  • Installation quality. Entrust this process to a professional flooring contractor. Even the most technologically advanced materials will not last long if you do not follow the installation technique.

The right floor helps create the desired atmosphere in your home. Moreover, you can subsequently save on heating and electricity, as the insulation retains heat and prevents the floors from damp.

Other Our Services

We remain the market leader among flooring companies (near me) in MA thanks to quality services, experience, cooperation with leading material manufacturers, and reasonable prices. We give a guarantee for all types of work.

You can also order extensions to houses, garages, fences, remodeling, and finishing of the basement and attic from us. We work across the state: Middlesex, Plymouth, Bristol, Barnstable, Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex. You can find out more by calling the managers or leaving a request on the website.

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