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Detached garages stand independently far from the house. They will come in handy if you have too much equipment, utensils, and low-use things at home.

A detached garage will solve your problem with challenging housekeeping and storage of personal transportation units. It is not only giving a place to a car but much more comfortable than just storing your belongings somewhere in the house.

Home Addition Builder in MA offers to add a garage to a manufactured home. We provide planning, designing, and other works, which makes our service all-inclusive. The team accepts requests throughout Massachusetts.

Our Services

Detached garages have useful benefits in different ways. If you are planning to work in the garage, the noise reduces strongly. If you keep inside paint or propane tanks, fumes won’t be entering the living space. These accommodations increase safety and the level of comfort a lot.

A sound advantage is an extra space to sleep on a second story. With such a spacious place, your house’s estimate grows significantly. We provide key-ready detached garage additions of high quality to increase your residential and housekeeping square footage.


Planning & Designing

Before building, a lot of work has to be done. As skilled contractors, we care about this stage too.

  1. The formal part is important, and we always fit the zoning laws.
  2. Inspecting the territory, the soil quality, and the landscape.
  3. Finding out the needed sizing and construction.
  4. Designing a home addition. It can be ranch-style, classic, or any other.
  5. Estimating. We go strictly under the budget set by a client. An average detached garage costs $30,000 – $60,000 in MA.

With such detailed preparation, your garage will be built just as you wish and in the shortest time. No sudden stops or law problems. Architects work out complicated projects, and the plan fits your other buildings.

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Detached Garage Building

In the process, we work under a contract that protects both clients and workers. Our contractors are only reliable and licensed manufacturers. We can guarantee the quality of every tiny detail of the building. Every stage from excavating to roofing and insulating is our responsibility.

We set strict terms for every stage, so you know when every part will be ready. Our builders have gained experience in different MA areas. We know how different and extreme the weather can be here. However, experts from Addition Builder in MA are ready to minimize any weather impact. Your garage construction will be finished as fast as possible.

Addition Improving & Customization

One of the greatest benefits of detached additions to houses is their customization. Unlike an attached type, this one minimally restricts sizing and construction. If you have an old garage, we can improve and refresh it in many ways. We suggest:

  • building a 2nd story garage addition with living space;
  • planning and designing a driveway of a suitable size;
  • insulating and remaking the siding;
  • changing a roof;
  • installing windows and many other services.

With the right improvement, your modern garage will become a cozy and convenient place to work or sleep on the second story.


Other Services To Take Into Account

Home Addition Builder in MA offers its services in other building and designing works. We compose other types of outdoor buildings, such as underground, carport, and attached. You can also call us for the repair and renovation of siding, doors, and windows.

Our professional team has improved many houses to this moment. Let us work with your household next time and you won’t regret it. Home Addition Builder performs well in Brookline, Cambridge, Norwood, and any other area of Massachusetts. Call us or fill in a booking form to get a free estimate.

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