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Adding a home addition is a rather troublesome process and requires not only money spendings but also the involvement of specialists. Otherwise, the extension will not stand even for a year and may even affect the existing building. No exception is the construction of a fence that will protect your house or any other structure. Trust only verified firms such as our construction company Home Addition Builder in MA.

If you decide to add a third floor to the house or, for example, a kitchen, but don’t want to build a high massive fence, it is better to choose a wooden one. In addition, such enclosures are ideal for attached terraces to perform protective and decorative functions.

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The main function of the fence is to shield the space and visual zoning. It decorates the general appearance of the local area and gives the facade a finished look. But it is necessary to correctly select the height of the structure, especially in houses with children.

The second thing we pay attention to when installing a wooden enclosing structure is the material from which it is made. Especially for the addition to the front of the house – this part has not only a protective but also a decorative function. It depends on the type of wood how much the construction will cost, but the average price per 1 linear foot is $20-$45.

If you don’t know who to contact – choose Home Addition Builder in MA. We will help you install a wooden fence at the best price in the shortest possible time without compromising quality.


Planning & Designing

A wooden fence, built by our specialists, performs the following functions:

  • visual unification of the facade of the house and outbuildings;
  • landscape decoration of the site;
  • when installing benches close to the fence – the function of the backs;
  • support for installing decorative lanterns and flower beds;
  • zoning.

We advise you to carry out the construction of the extension and the arrangement of the paling at the same time because the average cost of a two-story addition with a fence is below the cost of building the second floor and fencing separately.

The structure of the fence includes support posts, railings, and internal partition panels. The pillars can have almost any shape and cross-section. Our experts use metal, wood, and WPC as materials. Carefully designed wooden fences and palisades made from other materials can be the best home additions.

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Installation of Wooden Fences

To create fences during home improvements or installation of other elements of the terrace, which will be in the open air, we use special equipment. After the preparatory scope of works, the constitution parts are impregnated with special compounds to protect against fire, insects, and rot, and after a while are attached to self-tapping screws. To give the wood a more aesthetic look, we can saturate it with stain and antiseptic.

We install a wooden balcony or terrace fence in accordance with certain rules. The installation of the fence is similar to the detached garage addition – our specialists go to the worksite, make the necessary measurements, advise on the choice of materials and heights, and start preparatory work and building.

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Home Addition Builder provides a wide range of remodeling, exterior and interior transformations, flooring services, and basement renovations in Middlesex, Plymouth, Bristol, Suffolk, and Essex.

We will help you to attach a garage, kitchen, second or third floor, and other premises, equip the adjoining territory or install a fence. Call our managers and they will answer any questions you are interested in, as well as accept an application and advise on the cost and timing. Improve your residence with our professional and certified team of the best local builders!

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