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Modern covered verandas are a necessity. Especially if you dream of a cozy and warm room for gatherings during cold days. But it is not always possible to find additional space in an existing house. In this case, Home Addition Builder will come to the rescue – one of our services is adding a sunroom to a home.

Winter gardens and other solariums were a symbol of aristocratic luxury. In the past few decades, new technologies and materials have made the construction of any annexes affordable for ordinary people – the main thing is to find suitable home extension contractors.

Our Services

Attached covered verandas, built by our company, are no longer rooms with exotic plants, but a full-fledged multifunctional continuation of the dwelling, where the owners can rest. As a rule, the house sunroom has glass walls, but our experts work with other modern materials, including plexiglass and light-transmitting plastic. The solarium addition designed by our company will become an integral part of the living space and can be used to relax, chat with friends and family, or enjoy panoramic views.


Planning & Designing

Designing a sunroom to be attached to an existing structure is a troublesome process and requires the appropriate work experience. Therefore, it is better to choose professionals – our team will help to carry out all the necessary calculations, advise on building materials, and after visiting the worksite, build an extension and put it into operation.

Sunroom addition cost depends on the appearance of the extension, the materials used, the area, the availability of communications, and other factors. The average price of the outbuilding to a summer-covered veranda is $30,000. But note that pricing often varies up or down. It depends on the requirements of homeowners and the purpose of the premises. For example, a modern solarium can be used for:

  • recreation;
  • arrangement of the dining area;
  • organization of the workplace;
  • dressing room equipment;
  • creation of a full-fledged winter garden, etc.
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Installation of Sunrooms

In the case when a covered veranda is provided at the design stage of a dwelling, there are no problems with the choice of materials and type of construction. When a solarium is attached to an existing structure (for example, if you are planning a second-floor sunroom addition), a different approach and a specialized company are needed for sure.

The first thing that builders from Home Addition Builder in MA pay attention to is the foundation on which the durability of the enlargement depends. The choice of the type of footing depends on the materials of the walls – although any extension presses on the ground are less than the main building, the foundation can be either similar to the main one or “lighter”.

The same rule usually applies to walls – they should not be heavier than the facade of the main building. Otherwise, the soil under the extension will sag more than under the main construction, affecting it. Therefore, the walls of the sunroom addition to the house are most often made of glass.

Depending on the architectural appearance, the roof structure can be any. If the extension is arranged during the complex reconstruction of the building, then the roof of the solarium and the premises is common. In other cases, detached roofing is used.

Other Services to Take into Account

Home Addition Builder provides a full range of services for the construction and arrangement of outbuildings, regardless of their intended purpose, including garages, kitchens, rooms, as well as putting a second story on a house. If you need an extension to a building or an in-law suite in Middlesex, Plymouth, Bristol, Suffolk, and Essex – call our managers. They will answer any questions and, if necessary, send a specialist to the object.

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